Great news… We have just taken delivery of two new Ford eTransit vehicles to join our fleet.

We are extremely proud of the efforts and progress that we have made so far in reducing the company’s carbon impact on the environment through the various company initiatives that we have sourced and actioned (please see our Corporate Social Responsibility page). The addition of these eTransits to our fleet is a really positive move towards achieving our company’s target of net-zero emissions by 2030.

Ford eTransit vehicles charging at our Heathrow warehouse.

This feels like a big step in our company’s timeline and signals the start of moving away from fossil fuel powered vehicles. Early indications are that drivers are pleased with the comfort and ease of driving – an important factor when spending 8 hours on the road! Our driving team will be giving them a period of real-time full load and range testing before deciding on the optimized delivery and collection routes they are best suited for.