Following a period of numerous art trails and open studios we were interested to know what key factors artists thought impacted on a successful experience… So we asked them, and (excluding popularity of the artwork itself) here are the most popular responses:

  • Artist personality – As art trails and open studios bring artists face to face with audiences, outgoing social artists who enjoyed the close contact and dialogue got more out of the events compared to artists who were more introverted and who found the intimacy rather more intimidating.
  • Buyers interest – sales were improved by the opportunity to discuss and build rapport with potential buyers in an unpressured environment
  • Social media and promotion – A good build up prior to the event by both the event organiser and the artists themselves through mainly social media is key.
  • Gallery or Art Fair v studio or trail venue – Due to much higher artist overheads and commission rates in taking part in Art Fairs and Gallery shows the studio or trail venue is more profitable although average sale value might be lower.

As an art collector or artist how do you like to buy and sell art?