Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

At Flight Logistics Group Ltd we take our environmental, social and governance responsibilities seriously – our policies are integral to our ethos and business practices and we fully appreciate the need for transparency and accountability to our wider community.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to the continual improvement of our policy and strategy.


We monitor our progress and review ESG performance on a regular basis. (Annually – subject to legislative changes).

Compliance and Legislation

Flight Logistics Group Ltd complies with all current legislation as a minimum level of performance, aiming to exceed this wherever possible.

Education, Encouragement and Training

As part of our induction program all new members of staff are required to have an understanding of our ESG policy and if deemed necessary, to attend training. Employees are encouraged to suggest related improvements and initiatives.

Environmental Responsibility:


Our energy supplier is contracted on the basis of supply from renewable energy sources. We are committed to reducing the amount of energy and water used in the daily running of our business. We incorporate energy efficient heat and light systems at our premises. Our IT systems and network are cloud based – the reduction in power used and cooling of server rooms saves 14,120.92 kg CO2e p/a.


In addition to the Carbon savings for our Cloud-Based IT Systems we are electrifying our fleet – currently saving approximately 1000kgC02e p/m (depending on mileage). Our transport management system tracks each vehicle and driver’s fuel efficiency, mileage, and driving styles. We are committed to further reducing the emissions of our fleet through weekly vehicle maintenance checks and servicing records which are logged and tracked on our Fleet Management system.

See our latest sustainability metrics.


For at least a decade we have supported a “Green Invoicing” scheme on both the sales and purchase ledger, thus reducing our own paper use and that of our clients.

Our cleaning contracts are with suppliers who use only environmentally friendly products.

Carbon Offset

Whilst we appreciate that Carbon Offset in itself is not the answer to emissions management it does have a role to play in mitigating emissions whilst we strive for a net zero outcome. We have been working with Forests Without Frontiers for 2 years and plant 100 trees per month with them as part of their carefully managed rewilding scheme in Europe and the UK. Forests have carefully calculated our fleet carbon emissions based on mileage, number of vehicles and number of shipments carried, we have then put in an over provision and this calculation is reviewed annually.


Our waste disposal practices conform to current legislation and we only utilise the services of recognised waste management and recycling companies.

All packaging at our sites is sourced from both recycled and recyclable material.

All wood used for art cases is certified from a renewable forest.

We have a full pallet and art case recycling scheme. All pallets are reused throughout our warehouses and distribution network. All treated pallets are kept for export services and all CHEP pallets are audited weekly through the CHEP pallet scheme.

Broken cases and pallets are stored and collected in bulk by the Useful Wood Company for recycling.

For the past 10 years all our own paper, cardboard and plastic waste has been baled on site using our own waste press and sent for recycling within the UK. All recycling is certified upon collection.

All general office waste is sorted for recycling with minimal landfill. All waste is certified on collection.

We believe that in as far as is possible local recycling through ethical organisations offers a more credible solution than offsetting carbon emissions.

Printer and toner cartridges from all our offices are recycled through Heathrow Special Needs Farm. All non confidential office paper is also shredded and bagged and sent to the farm and used as bedding for small animals.

All confidential office paperwork is collected and shredded and certified by Shred on Site.

All redundant IT equipment is collected for re-use and / or recycling by PRM Green Technologies.

Social Responsibility:


Flight Logistics Group is an employer supporting total equality and diversity in the workplace and the community. Our ethical practices, including our Employment Law and Health and Safety policies are supported by the expertise of Peninsula Business Services. Through Peninsula Business Services we also support all staff through our EAP program. We have recently extended this support to include a Menopause Policy and increased Paternity Leave provision beyond current legislative requirements. We offer enhanced flexible support for employees managing long-term health conditions.

We are members of the Government “Cycle to Work Scheme” which allows us to offer staff an affordable solution to hiring suitable bicycles for commuting and safety equipment. This provides employees with a way to build better mental, physical and financial well-being, whilst reducing their carbon footprint.


Flight Logistics Group has long supported charitable causes and community projects, largely through its relationships and association with the Art World.

We have worked with Migrate Art for several years raising funds and awareness for the global and local refugee crisis. Each year we assist with logistics planning and art shipping and packing for their various auction events at Sotheby’s and other auction platforms. For 2023 we are excited to support Migrate with their “From the Ashes” project. This particular project is very close to our hearts as it will raise awareness of Amazonian deforestation together with raising funds to support environmental and community projects selected and managed by the local indigenous peoples.

We are a patron of the Makwande Art Residency – an ongoing initiative supporting female African artists.

Our carbon offset partner is Forests without Frontiers – we support their rewilding and planting schemes in the UK and Europe.

Flight is a company of dog lovers! As such we have sponsored a dog at The Dogs Trust for the past 8 years.

A new sponsorship project for 2023 combined music and art with Eazl CIC “No Strings Attached” in conjunction with Gibson Gives.

In our local community we are proud supporters of the great work done by Kimel Café, Share and The Besom. Thanks to the generosity of some of our e-commerce clients and to reduce waste and landfill redundant warehouse stock of clothing, food stuffs, gifts, toys etc are regularly donated to these great organisations.


At Board level our Directors and shareholders are committed to the security, safety and satisfaction of our people, our environment, and our clients. Our corporate structure and auditing are transparent and documented.


Our Trade Indemnifiers are Euler Hermes, underwritten by Allianz – offering financial protection and additional security against bad debt.

Commercial Combined Insurance (Public, Employers and Premises): underwritten by Allianz.

Marine Insurance: underwritten by Lonham Group.

Fleet: underwritten by Century Underwriting Ltd..

Engineering and Construction (plant and machinery): underwritten by Zurich.

Employment Law + Health and Safety

We are supported in the management and wellbeing of our staff through Peninsula Business Services and a robust EAP. Our Employment Law and Health and Safety process are indemnified by Peninsula Business Services.

Trade Associations

Flight Logistics Group is a member of BIFA and bound by BIFA terms and conditions of trading.

We are members of the UKWA and bound by its conditions and standards of membership for our warehouse services whilst our membership of AICES supports our International Courier and Import / Export services. Our partnership with WCAworld Association ensures that our clients can expect the same expert level of service for heavier sea and airfreight consignments.

We are Gold level members of The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and are an approved HMRC Express Operator with MOU status.

IT Security:

Our network is cloud based. Stringently protected by the highest level of security through Microsoft Windows Defender anti-virus software and maintained under contract.

Local anti-virus cover at office level is provided by Sophos and our firewall is managed by Fluidone.

Email system security is provided by Mimecast – protecting our users from spam, phishing and malware through filtering, encryption, and archiving.

Here are details of our Privacy Policy and our Data Protection Policy.

General Security:

Our offices and warehouses are located in secure, gated estates with red care alarm systems and security patrols. All internal and external space is covered by CCTV with on-site and remote surveillance.

Chubb Fire maintain our alarms, extinguishers, and emergency safety systems.


Charitable Causes

Flight Logistics currently supports the good work of the following organisations:

In addition, we twin with villages in Cambodia and support MacMillan Cancer Relief with collection boxes at our offices and regular donations.

Let’s Work Together