As part of our carbon Net Zero pledge, we have linked the needs of local charities with our own CSR activities. Kimel Café supports employment for the neurodivergent and is a worthy local CIC that we’ve developed a close relationship within our community.
Over the last few months, we have written about our involvement in supplying Kimel with unwanted stock items that clients such DeBeers, Kimm & Miller and EcoStrawz have given us permission to repurpose.
Today, Kimel Café opens their doors to the public. Yesterday we delivered 6 boxes of bamboo straws from Ecostrawz and whilst there, were treated to a sampling of their coffee and cakes. We can absolutely recommend that if anybody is in the area and in need of refreshments, they look them up and pay a visit.
A bit more about Kimel Café
The café offers young individuals with autism, a 12-week programme that focuses on personal development and will be followed up with six further weeks of on-the-job coaching. After this enhanced training they will have developed vital life skills and be experienced enough to look for full-time main-stream employment.
Visit the Kimel Café for more information.