ShipArt global distribution decorated van from Flight Logistics

ShipArt™ Advice

Bespoke solutions for a fragile market.

The shipping of artwork can be an extremely complex process. The following advice provides some guidance, but we recommend that you contact our art team as each shipment is unique.

Export Guidance


Export guidance periodically changes as legislation is updated or modified. Check out this page regularly to ensure you are following the latest advice.

Terms & Conditions

Contractual obligations on opening an account.

All Flight Logistics Group Ltd business contracted within the United Kingdom is transacted under the current Standard Trading Conditions of the British International Freight Association (BIFA).

Fuel Surcharge

Updated monthly.

Due to significant fluctuations in the global cost of fuel over the last few years, Flight Logistics Group Ltd has been forced, along with the rest of our industry, to adopt a policy of applying Fuel Surcharges (known as FSC) on consignments, which is added as a percentage of the overall base charge.