We visited this exhibition over the weekend and were treated to a wonderful display of artwork by over thirty local artists created specifically to celebrate an important occasion in Reading’s timeline and the brand behind it.

Two hundred years ago, the Huntley and Palmers biscuit factory opened its doors at 119 London Street, Reading, Berkshire before going on to become one of Britain’s most famous biscuit companies. This explains the ‘Biscuit’ part of the exhibition’s title. The significance of the buildings and places associated with Huntley & Palmer are the reasons “Bricks” makes up the second half of the title and event theme.

What a great way for the community to show their respect for an organisation that left its mark on the area.

Artists: Liz Chadderton, Mick MacNicolas, Carole Stephens, Calina Lefter, Jane Vincent, Emma Major, Martin Andrews, Linda Saul, Shelagh Casebourne and Chris Mercier

The event is currently open and runs until Sunday 18th September at The Turbine House Riverside Museum at Blake’s Lock, Reading.