If you’ve ever wondered how some online stores offer faster and more efficient deliveries at reasonable prices, in most cases the answer lies in efficient warehouse processes! With the advancement of equipment, IT solutions, and sustainable products & processes, a warehouse partner like Flight Logistics with an intelligent investment plan can make sure that your requirements are being met with the latest “tools”. This could be crucial to help you stay ahead of your competition.

As a leading logistics company Flight provides a full ecommerce fulfilment service.

Our investments are focused in five principal areas: Staff, Systems, Processes, Plant, and Machinery. Two recent investments within our warehouse have been upgrading our WMS to a more advanced solution and a brand-new Aisle Master AM20SHE forklift truck.

Here’s how our investment plan benefits your ecommerce business:
Our new advanced WMS system:

  • boosts efficiency in the warehouse managing goods from arrival to dispatch.
  • supports picking, packing, and shipping processes allowing quicker order fulfilment, which aids faster deliveries.
  • ensures accurate inventory tracking, preventing delays and stock from running out.
  • minimises wasted time and resources, leading to lower overall costs.

We continuously improve on our Environmental, Social and Governance Policy and strategy which reflects well on your brand values.

We can work with scalability. As your business grows or experiences quieter times, Flight Logistics’ flexible warehouse solutions can adapt to your changing storage and fulfilment needs.

We invest in well-trained staff which:

  • keeps things running smoothly by minimising errors and maximising efficiency.
  • translates to a positive customer experience, which is key to your online success.

By partnering with Flight Logistics Group, you’re ensuring you receive a faster, more efficient, and ultimately, more customer-centric future for your ecommerce business.