Olivia Kemp’s work is currently showing at the “Eden” exhibition at James Freeman Gallery, London. Having seen her amazing illustrations, we were compelled to include her in our #FeatureFriday series. The purpose of these brief articles is to introduce our online audiences to interesting artists and art forms much of which offers something a bit out of the “ordinary”.

Viewed in situ, Olivia’s often large sprawling pen and ink illustrations can stop you in your tracks and lure you in for a closer look. The incredibly intricate monochrome environments she draws are not produced with ‘quick viewing’ in mind, they are full of smaller attractions dotted about the canvas making the viewer stand and stare for periods of time. You get the feeling that the artist must have lost herself in the enjoyment and pleasure of creating the tiny features that collectively make up the theme, perhaps only stopping when there was no more room.

About Olivia Kemp
Olivia Kemp is a British artist and draughtswoman who works with pen and ink. Her imaginative and skilful linework drawings have brought her acclaim as proven by awards received such as the prestigious Richard Ford Award (Royal Academy of Arts, London 2015) and the Drawing Prize (National Open Art 2016).

Artist Residency
Olivia and her partner are currently renovating a 100-year-old house in Sweden with a view of turning it into an artist residency for friends, family, and other creatives. We asked Olivia for a bit more information about her plans, she said:

“… it’s probably going to open in stages starting with a live/work space, then the house and purpose built studios. Looking to have the whole property finished in two to three years, but hopefully start opening in a year or so!”

Where can Olivia Kemp’s work be seen?
As mentioned above Olivia is currently exhibiting at the James Freeman Gallery which runs until 29th October 2022. Her drawings are included in permanent collections at institutions including the Victoria and Albert Museum, The University of the Arts London, and The Rothschild Collection.

Website: www.oliviakemp.co.uk

Instagram: @livvykemp

Twitter: @LivvyKemp

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