If you have ever tried applying lotions and creams to your own back, you will appreciate the products sold online by our client BackBliss as they simplify the process. But having great products for sale is only half the battle, if you are selling online, you need a suitable e-commerce strategy that includes global logistics support.
We have produced the following overview simplifying how we support BackBliss here at our Wokingham based warehouse. Our collaborative approach ensures Backbliss has a bespoke solution – the correct services, cost structure, and warehouse support mechanism.
Warehouse & Stock management system
We audit all their incoming stock and barcode individual items before storing them safely in appointed racks/bays. Our web-based inventory control system offers them a full on-line reporting function enabling efficient stock management, analysis, and forecasting.
As a member of the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) we meet all their security and regulation standards which gives Backbliss peace of mind that their stock is protected.

Making up a Backbliss lotion & cream applicator pack
Order processing (from online purchases)
Backbliss products can be ordered through their own website or Amazon’s. When a purchase is made via their website, a sales order is generated and sent to us at Wokingham. The order is imported into our warehouse management system which produces a picking note and invoice. The picking note lets our warehouse staff know where the item can be found, how many of each to pick, and where the order is going. An order confirmation is emailed to Backbliss to make them aware of the order.
We help support their Amazon sales process through a system called ‘Fulfilled By Amazon’ (FBA). We build and package products then bulk supply to Amazon so that they can fulfil and ship orders they receive.
Order pick and pack
Using the picking note, our warehouse staff locate the ordered items, build them if required, and pack them into bespoke packaging which can be pre-printed with the retailer’s branding. Boxes are made ready for shipping with the personalised invoice mentioned above added, and a delivery address attached.
Delivery (UK & global)
Items are shipped via our network either by post or courier both of which offer tracking. All shipment costs are based on size, weight, destination, and value. Shipment and tracking details are emailed to the recipient.
We also provide a fully managed returns system, more information on this can be found HERE.
We are proud to be supporting Backbliss and our other clients in this way. To discuss this service with us please contact us HERE.