Oli Epp is a successful British contemporary artist currently living and working in London, exhibiting both in the UK and internationally.
It’s fair to say that for Oli Epp, the time between being a student with ambitions of becoming a coveted artist to becoming one, was short-lived. Whilst still a student at one of the country’s longest established art schools, City & Guilds of London Art School, some of the biggest galleries came knocking at his door offering shows across Europe and the States.

Imagery sourced from Oli Epps website and Instagram
Oli has something special to offer the world of art, he calls his style “Post-Digital Pop”, a term he coined. His work which is easily distinguishable by its vivid colours and extraordinary composition is constructed using graphic airbrush and linear masking techniques. The theme running through his creations (as he himself puts it) is based on the “tragicomic element of living in the 21st century society, dealing with the complexity of identity and anxieties living in the digital age; consumerism and consumption which leads to control and addiction, anxiety, and conflict.”

Imagery sourced from Oli Epps website and Instagram
Where can Oli Epp’s work be seen?
Upcoming solo show at Perrotin Gallery, New York, United States on 23rd of June 2022
Website:  www.oliepp.com
Instagram: @oli.epp
Facebook: Oli Epp
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