Flight Logistics introduced global specialist services to the art sector over 10 years ago as an extension of its portfolio of full 3PL solutions and its art client base has evolved from pure Street and Urban art roots in the Bristol art scene to now include some of the most iconic and (in) famous artists, galleries, curators, auction houses, agencies and collectors across the world!

Over the past 3 years Flight Logistics has joined forces with world renowned artists to create artistic vehicle wraps for their ShipArt™ fleet. The project was started in the Company’s 25th anniversary year and 3 years on there are 9 vehicles wrapped as statement pieces of art in their own right with a further 4 scheduled for later in 2019.

CLICK HERE to read an article on mtart Agency’s website offering an insight into how we choose artists for the next wrap and why Adelaide Damoah became ShipArt ArtOnWheels artist no. 8