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To understand today’s art marketplace we feature occasional guest blogs written by artists, exhibition organisers, collectors, online sellers and gallerists who have all written about their experiences. Their articles have been insightful and extremely helpful for other artists and businesses involved in promoting and selling art in today’s marketplace.

“I have a yearning to be constantly surrounded by nature. I grew up in a small town spending every summer outdoors from dawn ‘til dusk. When indoors I was always drawing and making things, and this need to be creative since I was old enough to hold a pencil has never left me.

My favourite place to be in the world is in the forest, spending time in nature is good for the soul, and whenever we are surrounded by four walls I think it is important to bring the outside in, with flowers and plants, and of course, nature-inspired art.

I spent many years after leaving school, working in care, whilst bringing my children up, but the severe lack of job satisfaction along with deciding to leave a very unhappy marriage, left me in a state of despair about being on the wrong path in life. So, I jumped into the scary unknown and pursued my art career whilst going through a divorce at the same time.

I completed my fine art degree whilst setting up a new home for myself and my children. It has been an exciting and enlightening journey, one that has made me an emotionally stronger and more resilient person than I ever thought possible.

The downside of this though, is that I am spending less time actually producing art because I am maintaining my online presence, and as I’m not trained in Marketing, it is very difficult to know how to grow my followers and reach a wider audience.

I hope someday to be able to use my talent for the greater good. I have ideas up my sleeve and perhaps one day soon all will be revealed! In the meantime, I am also exploring a different avenue of inspiration, and more about that can be found on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.”


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As a professional art shipping company based in the UKShipArtTM sits in the middle of the art sector and builds lasting relationships with artists, galleries, collectors, investors, curators and organisers of art fairs. From this position and with a genuine interest in all things art (our staff are art lovers and collectors), we are perfectly positioned to take a neutral stance and draw upon our community to bring you a wealth of opinions on the subject of buying and selling art in the current market.

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