We are often asked about the process by which we select our ShipArtTM artists and the journey thereafter that finishes with their amazing artwork wrapped on to the side of one of our large art vehicles. Our most recent project with artist Ken Nwadiogbu perfectly illustrates the process.

Each time we order a new vehicle to join our fleet, we begin the process of looking for our next ShipArt artist…

Choosing the artist and artwork
To understand how we choose an artist you need to first understand our values. Flight Logistics as a company cares deeply about inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, and the environment – our chosen artist should share these values. Images of their work on our vehicles will be shared globally through our social media platforms which is another reason why this match is paramount.

Secondly, the artwork must be engaging and of a high quality. On the road the vehicle has approximately 60 seconds to make an impact and we want to turn heads on the streets as the vehicles go about their business collecting and delivering art across the UK and Europe.

Our latest ShipArt artist Ken Nwadiogbu impressed us with both the requirements highlighted above. His art is remarkable and the issues that drive him to create his style of work are admirable. Highlighted in the press release for his current solo exhibition “Journey Mercies” , is the following about Ken; “Gender equality, African culture, and Black Power are a few aspects of his current research and artistic practice. Nwadiogbu is the co-founder of Artists Connect NG, an organisation created to foster creativity, collaboration and community in Nigeria”. In a statement for the exhibition Ken says, “my newest body of work focuses on stories of migration”. We were impressed by Ken’s narrative and wanted our vehicle to deliver that narrative quite literally!

Choosing and preparing the artwork

Where appropriate, after we have engaged with an artist, we will travel to their studio to meet, get a flavour of their work, and discuss the appropriate piece for the van.

Schematic showing the space where the artwork will sit on vehicle, plus the dimensions

The artwork must be landscape (due to the shape of the van) with the capacity to be supplied in a high-resolution digital format as it will be wrapped onto a 5-meter-long vehicle.

The artist will then prepare their work. Sometimes if the artwork is not quite suitable for purpose, we will create some suggestions and translate these ideas to the artist with creative Photoshop images. These are always very sensitive to the artist’s motivation for the piece and the design of the artwork itself. We also ask the artist to supply their signature which will features on the finished vehicle.

The final work once agreed on, will be passed over to our wrapping partners Joyce Design Ltd, who then produce images of how the artwork will look on a finished vehicle (as below).

Digital representation provided by Joyce Design showing Ken Nwadiogbu’s art on a van.

The wrap and finish
When all parties are happy with the example provided by Joyce and the quality of the digital artwork presented by the artist, the production of the wrap can commence. It takes 3 weeks for meters and meters of wrap to be printed, matched and dried before fitting. We then deliver a brand-new black vehicle to Joyce Design’s studios where their amazing technicians will start the work.

Video showing a Joyce Design technician applying the wrap.

The wrap fitting takes 2 days and as soon as we collect the vehicle its ready to hit the streets – collecting and delivering art across the UK and beyond.

ShipArt No.18 – Ken Nwadiogbu’s finished vehicle.

From the moment we announce the next artist and throughout the life cycle of the wrapped vehicle our marketing team shares imagery and articles across social media and through press releases.

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