We are often approached to support an event or project, mostly through our art services and contacts and there are a number of factors that help us decide who or what to be involved with.

We consider the strategic alignment with an organisation whose overarching vision we must share – and this is always determined through personal contact, conversations, and a shared passion about social welfare, community or environmental issue (both global and local).

Our ongoing partnership and support of Migrate Art is the perfect example – for 3 years we have supported all their past projects and currently we are offering our services foc and donating to their Mask for Meals project. The beneficiaries of this and past projects include Refugee Community Kitchen, The Lotus Flower and Refuaid.

For us, support is not necessarily just “about the money” – with social media platforms playing a role in raising awareness and creating support networks the sharing of information around a charitable project is just as important to us as donating money or resource. Our partners must be prepared to utilise the social networks as we do, sharing each other’s posts where appropriate. Widespread media use makes supporting partners highly visible and so the integrity and wider ambition of our chosen partners is as important as their cause.

In the words of Simon Butler (founder at Migrate) “Migrate Art uses art to change the world. We collaborate with the world’s most significant contemporary artists to raise money for displaced and homeless communities across the globe. We believe in the power of art to supply aid and create social change.”

At Flight we concur totally with that last sentence, and we are well placed in the art community to share and support that message. To that end our MD and owner – Tracey Brown, has recently been invited to join the Migrate “Think Tank” – a group of entrepreneurs and art world enthusiasts sharing experience, practical advice and ideas to enhance and develop the Migrate Art business model and as a result create an even more powerful tool for raising both awareness and funds.