Maris Stella (Sri Lanka) OBA in The United Kingdom is an association started in 2000. Our FD and Maris Stella Alumni- Sam Senanayake is an active member of the OBA which fundraises for social projects in his native Sri Lanka and here he explains past and current programs :

“The primary objective of our fundraising is to achieve generous contributions to assist underprivileged children in In Sri Lanka. In 2019, we successfully completed a primary school project in Labunoruwa, Anuradhapura by donating, writing & reading books, uniforms, study desks, and sports equipment’s to 50 pupils.

This year we are fundraising to support Arunodaya Handicap Children Home, a registered charity in Sri Lanka. It runs two separate homes for 37 female (in Waikkala) and 20 male (in Bangadeniya) mentally and physically challenged children. These care homes solely depend on donors, religious places, and well-wishers. The homes have been severely impacted by the current pandemic and lockdown and seriously need funds to keep the charity running in these adverse economic conditions.

To support and fundraise this great cause, some of our members are taking part in the London-Cambridge cycle ride (100 km) on Sunday, 25 July. The money raised will be used to fund a cost of a new generator, deep-freezer, and an oven for these care homes.

Please sponsor our members – today 4 of us have completed a 100km cycle ride whilst I have taken part in the virtual sense due to enforced self isolation before knee surgery this week !”

Our justgiving page is here

Peloton : Clancy Peiris, Amal Weerasinghe, Sam Senanayake (virtual), Gavin Fernando, Keith.