We are an international art shipping company based in the UK

  • With our experience of handling artworks for galleries, individual artists and private collectors alike we understand the intricacies of a fully bespoke  art shipping service and offer a comprehensive collection and delivery solutions for all manner of artwork.
  • We will arrange to have your art collected and packed for you, alternatively we can have a case built to your specifications and sent directly to you. Packing cases for artwork are created to accommodate two and three dimensional pieces of work using a variety of materials using such as tri-wall, ply or foam lined ply depending on the size and nature of the work you are sending.
  • Expert advice on customs and clearance paperwork ensures your artwork travels through international borders with minimum delay.
  • Specific insurance can be arranged subject to restrictive covenants from insurers. (See additional information in our Advice Centre section)
  • Every ShipArt consignment is managed and tracked by our staff from initial enquiry through packing to final delivery through our integrated global network. Both shipper and consignee are updated at each stage of the movement to completion.


Here to help you ship your art.