Vinyl is back on trend! (And we don’t mean PVC pants – god, they were gripping!)

70's 2


In keeping with the resurgence of massive beards and Curly Wurlies, another relic of the 70’s is making a huge comeback

Following two decades of declining sales the last few years have seen a resurgence of “Physical” sales. From an all time low sales figure in 2007 of only 200,000 vinyl record sales in the UK, by 2015 sales had accelerated to 2 million units per annum – 1000% increase in less than ten years!  At the same time the decline of independent record stores has been catastrophic with over 90% having closed in the last 15 years.

The question for those of us in the supply chain is where have all the Labels gone? The answer is of course,  on-line – through web based stores supported by e-commerce functions. Fortunately for all concerned we rocked up with the right solutions, engineering their transition from high street stores, to on-line retailers with a global reach.

The Labels have become their own shop which has meant embracing the “Direct to Customer” model. This has been driven by two dynamics – the demise of traditional routes to market (no more record shops) and the stratospheric rise in Streaming.

New releases, exciting artists and limited editions are now must-haves in order to keep Labels alive and the record buying public (no longer just enthusiasts) switched on. Driving interest and loyalty directly from the Label to the buyer is critical in growing sales. Vinyl is unique in that it becomes not only a re-found medium offering a richer aural experience (and it does! Ones and zeros cannot compete with an album played on a decent turntable and a good sound system) but also a unique and desirable thing to own.

Flight Logistics provides a secure and neutral space (important as it means we have no vested interest in championing one label over another) to hold our Labels’ increasing amounts of vinyl alongside all other forms of physical music media and promotional merchandise. Orders are processed directly from our clients’ websites, are securely packed and distributed according to agreed methods.

Anyone for a Curly Wurly?