We are a trusted art handling service offering UK and International shipping, specialist packing and customs support and our art team has many years of experience combined with a genuine interest in art and the art community.

As our ShipArt™ roots are embedded in the street art scene, it was a natural progression to develop a concept that offered audiences, that perhaps didn’t have the time or money to visit works of art in the traditional gallery or exhibition space, a way to enjoy art as they go about their normal day on the street.

Because our drivers are out every day collecting and delivering art here in the UK as well as into Europe, putting art on to our specially equipped art vehicles gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase different artists and styles of art and actively help make it accessible to a wider audience.

In 2016 we collaborated with Dan Kitchener who provided eye catching artworks for our first three vehicles, and that was the start of this awesome series of quite literally art on wheels. Since then, we’ve collaborated with further artists as listed below with their #flightlgart #ArtOnWheels van numbers.

The #shipart #ArtOnWheels collection – In order of production:

Vehicle Nos.1,2,3 – Dan Kitchener

Vehicle No.4 – The London Police

Vehicle No.5 – Jim Starr

Vehicle No.6 – SNIK

Vehicle No.7 – D*Face

Vehicle No.8 – Adelaide Damoah

Vehicle No.9 – Natasha Kumar

Vehicle No.10 – Richard Orlinski

Vehicle No.11 – Seaty

Vehicle No.12 – Flight Logistics’ own design in celebration of previous artists in the collection

Vehicle No.13 – Sophie Long

Vehicle No. 14 – David Aiu

Vehicle No.15 – Mathias Chirombo – (Competition winner 2020)

Vehicle No.16 – Claire Luxton

Vehicle No.17 – Phumzile Buthelezi

Vehicle No.18 – Ken Nwadiogbu

Vehicle No.19 – Kayley Edwards

Vehicle No.20 – Gina Soden

Vehicle No.21 – Lesego Seoketsa

Vehicle No.22 (Electric) – Camille Walala

Vehicle No.23 (Electric) – Olivia Kemp

Vehicle No.24 – Coming soon

Flight Logistics-ShipArt™ are proud of their collection that demonstrates a special, supportive relationship and empathy with the art community