Our corporate lockdown experience surprised even us – we expected that our deliberate policy of diversification in business activity over the past 10 years would enable us to experience less impact as some sectors were clearly going to be more affected than others by the pandemic crisis – we didn’t however anticipate the level of increasing business in some areas that was achieved! Warehouse ecommerce activity thrived, multiplied and new, on-line entrepreneurs needed advice and help – with many of our team members working remotely we were able to advise and take in new customers quickly. There was a noticeable upswing in orders for leisure and fitness products, health supplements and sports clothing and accessories. We are fortunate to be of the size whereby we can be nimble and fast to react, our staff are keen to help and adapt and they are invested in the company’s success and thus highly motivated – our most valuable asset in the sales process!

When we say “Welcome to our Warehouse” we mean it and our most recent warehouse welcome is to MB Zen info here

With the emphasis on health and fitness for the foreseeable future and with an eye to environmental impact we wish them every success !