We are delighted to welcome Counter Culture to our warehouse here in Wokingham, not only because they are a new e-commerce client, but also because we are incredibly proud to support a brand with environmental awareness and sustainability at the heart of their business.

Counter Culture makes it easier to shop for sustainable & ethical beauty products from boutique brands through their online store www.counterculturestore.co.uk. “Shopping that doesn’t come at the cost of the planet, people, or animals” is their message to the eco-conscious people they wish to engage with.

This is a very good partnership for us as we too are heavily focused on our services being environmentally friendly. Please visit our CSR page for a full overview of our environmental policy. We have now taken delivery of their stock and an audit has been carried out to check all the items, and quantities. Special storage towers have been created to store products, a carefully designed pick-face makes for efficient order pick and pack.


About our e-commerce service – just some of the key advantages that Counter Culture and our other clients enjoy:

  • Web based inventory control system with full on-line reporting function enables efficient stock management, analysis and forecasting
  • All size of e-tailer accounts accommodated – from the single pallet 5 sku start-up to the 500 pallet multi-platform seller – we give you the support and space to focus on growing your business
  • Inbound stock auditing and barcoding
  • Versatile order processing – from excel/csv file import to Shopify, Amazon, Kewill, Wasp and other retail platform integration
  • Environmentally friendly packaging sourced and supplied
  • Multiple ex-warehouse delivery options tailored to commodity, value, and destination

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding e-Commerce support – crm@flightlg.com