Our art vans are wrapped in artwork supplied by talented artists that we have invited to take part in our unique ShipArt™ ‘Vehicle Wrap Public Art Program’. They are produced for the purpose of bringing art to the streets for all to enjoy. With each new wrap we look to find something a little different to the ones that went before. Our next collaboration is certainly testament to this!
We are delighted to announce that artist No.23 is the award winning, Olivia Kemp. We simply love her intricate works of art and think that one of her pieces will look spectacular on our next van. It will certainly give people plenty to look at and things to discover.


Images supplied by Olivia Kemp
About Olivia Kemp
Olivia Kemp is a British artist and draughtswoman who works with pen and ink. Her imaginative and skilful linework drawings have brought her acclaim as proven by awards received such as the prestigious Richard Ford Award (Royal Academy of Arts, London 2015) and the Drawing Prize (National Open Art 2016).
We look forward to bringing you news and images of work in progress and the finished wrap in the coming weeks.