The following article outlines the benefits of outsourcing e-commerce tasks to Flight Logistics and why it can be an effective way to reduce your business’s costs and increase productivity time, both of which are essential for remaining competitive.

A snapshot of our e-commerce solution
Between our warehouses based in Wokingham and Heathrow, we provide bespoke e-commerce and multi-channel distribution solutions across a broad range of business sectors. From sportswear to sunglasses, health supplements to beauty products, cd’s and vinyl, novelty food gifts and vintage clothing as well as the standard magazines, printed matter, and promotional items! Tasks can include things like storage (charged according to actual space used as stock levels fluctuate) marketing, order management, picking and packing, handling support issues, returns management, and stock control. Flight Logistics really is a company’s ‘e-commerce department’.

The benefits to your business of outsourcing e-commerce duties

Lower operating costs
Storage space:
If you’re no longer storing products at your property, smaller premises could be considered. Levels of stock can fluctuate, and you don’t want to pay for storage space not being used, Flight Logistics adjusts charges accordingly therefore saving you money.

Recruiting and hiring staff:
Seasonality and surges in orders can be difficult to accommodate cost effectively when balancing the need for permanent or temporary staff cover. Outsourcing to Flight Logistics takes this problem away and means you no longer need to employ permanent logistics staff, thus saving on cost and admin.

If you’re outsourcing, there’ll be no need to invest in or license relevant software or train someone to use it. Outsource to us and you will have full access to our bespoke Logistics Manager software with full visibility of your stock and a suite of on-line reporting and sales analysis functionality.

Lower shipping costs
Flight Logistics ships high volumes every day. Through economies of scale we enjoy low shipping rates from our partners through consolidation. As our client you would benefit from these savings – we buy better than you!

Post Brexit changes and regulations
We keep updated on the changes to Customs and border regulations, so you can rely on us to keep you abreast of changing legislation and ensure compliance.

Extend your customer reach
Flight Logistics has a global shipping structure in place with expertise in appropriate routes to all countries. You will benefit from our global reach and grow into new markets.

Often the forgotten component of an e-commerce business plan, the unwanted practical necessity of dealing with returns! It’s quite possible that for whatever reason, the customer will reject an item, and having a robust international returns mechanism in place, is vital to bring it back, check it, then if appropriate replace into stock. Flight Logistics can manage this often-complicated service for you.

Customer support
Online retailers must at all times be available to help with customer queries pertaining to their delivery, and it can be time consuming if you’re shipping large quantities each day. This is where an appropriate logistics partner like Flight Logistics can really offer value with a dedicated CRM and Customer Services team on hand to help both you and your customers.

Managing a customer’s problem correctly and quickly can often instil confidence and can turn a bad experience into a good one.

More time to focus on growth
If you choose to outsource your logistics requirements such as; warehousing, order processing, fulfilment, pick-pack, dispatch, inventory management, shipping, customs issues/paperwork, tracking, returns, customer support and managing in-house logistics staff… you will create more time to concentrate on other areas of the business.

In short, there are three main reasons to outsource to us – savings on cost, less stress, and increased time to concentrate on other things such as growing your business.

Making the change isn’t as hard as you may think. CLICK HERE for more information on this and our “Transition” check list.


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