This piece called “No Words” by artist My Dog Sighs, was released as a print run – 100% of the profit will go directly to Disaster Emergency Committee for the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. This particular print was purchased by us for our office art collection and will soon be going up on the wall…

Mike from The Art Company filmed framing “No Words” by My Dog Sighs
The video’s a step-by-step guide showing our professional framer ‘window mounting’ the artwork and includes:
1. Measure the artwork
2. Cut the undermount and mount boards to size
3. Fix the artwork between the undermount and mount
4. Build the outer wooden frame, mitre moulding, and underpinning
5. Cut the glass face
6. Prepare hanging fixings
7. Bring it all together
For a full overview of our professional art packing services, CLICK HERE