Let’s “share” some uplifting news … Throughout the pandemic and even now in times of more general crisis nationally and globally, we are fortunate to be able to support some amazing individuals and charities local to us in Wokingham such as:

We have worked with Share Wokingham for almost 3 years. They “share” anything donated to them with the community. They have six sites now across the borough, all with food banks and all are welcome in their “shopping experience” food halls. Flight Logistics supply them with all unwanted or expiring food gift stock from one of our clients (Kimm and Miller) at our Wokingham warehouse – this is to avoid huge amounts of food waste and componentry going to landfill. Share use our pallets of donations for gifting at Christmas and throughout the year (families can come and choose gifts for family members at Christmas without paying) as well as fundraising at events through raffles and tombolas.

Kimel Foundation
One of the trustees at Share is also a trustee for the Kimel Foundation in Wokingham. Kimel was started by a local family with autistic children when they found there was virtually no provision locally for support as these children transition from teens and adults. The café is a zero-waste entity, so we have supported them by offering the same unwanted client stock for re-purposing or fundraising as appropriate including items such as glassware, mugs, jars, coffee, tea, chocolate etc in their kitchens. One of our clients Ecostrawz has donated 10,000 bamboo straws which we are holding as they use them for milkshakes! Our client DeBeers donated unwanted store quality furniture – bar stools – for use in the café and in their training room.

The café has recently been awarded lottery funding for their environmental practices.

Refugee Steering Group for Wokingham
Another volunteer at Share is also on the Refugee Steering Group for Wokingham. The work is largely done by volunteers, and we support them in the same way as the two charities above – with practical and appropriate donations

The steering group have recently fully furnished and kitted out five houses which are now being used by Syrian and Afghan refugee families with another house underway for a Ukrainian family. We are looking for any ways in which we can support this project further – if you have anything you think would make an appropriate and practical donation please let us know.

The information above is the perfect example of local volunteer groups and charities networking closely to share resources and work together – both within the Borough and now nationally – they are doing an amazing job and as this way of disposing of unwanted items is both community and environmentally friendly it’s a win – win for everyone involved.