Our series of Feature Friday articles introduce interesting artists and art forms to our online audiences.

Based at her studio in Ladbroke Grove, London, Nat Bowen is a leading British abstract resin artist whose work is intimately connected to wellbeing, meditation, and mental health issues, all of which tick our box.

Images sourced from natbowen.com

Nat’s vibrant, multi-layered resin pieces are wonderfully unique by virtue of her use of chromology (the psychology of colour) and physical creative techniques. Included in her army of admirers are international collectors and celebrities.

Images sourced from natbowen.com

The complexity of her work is hard to explain however this paragraph from Nat’s website does the job perfectly:

“Pigmented epoxy resin is poured onto a recycled acrylic canvas which is then manipulated using a paintbrush to build up abstract layers of colour. The pigments within the lustrous resin adapt according to the light, reflecting and absorbing the surroundings with the work becoming a part of the space it inhabits. The visuals that these colourful, glossy orbs form have a depth and a three-dimensional aspect, similar to those seen during meditation, the image of a vortex or looking into water.”

Where can Nat Bowen’s work be seen?
Nat has this Virtual Reality Exhibition permanently on her website showing many different examples of her work.

Website: natbowen.com

Instagram: @nat.bowen

Facebook: Nat Bowen

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Our series of #FeatureFriday articles introduce interesting artists and art forms to our online audiences. It was a frustration experienced with social media algorithms that led to the start of this series. Realising that this was an issue for many others we decided to produce ‘shout outs’ for selected artists or galleries the majority of whom offer something a bit out of the “ordinary”.