If you want to know how the experts prepare and package prints for safe storage or for shipping, this article will be of value.

Many of our clients store their print runs at our Heathrow facility because we offer a professional storage, packaging, and shipping service (more on that on our ShipArt Services page), but they also do it because we can manage print orders. This means that we have the responsibility of making sure that all their prints arrive at their destination in the same condition that they left the printers.

We are a reliable source of information when it comes to providing a step-by-step guide to packaging.

Step One – Inner packaging
In this video tutorial, a member of our ShipArt team, Danny Hocking, shares his professional expertise on how to prevent a print from bending, tearing or being damaged by other packaging surfaces touching it.

This would become ‘inner packaging’ if the item is shipped to another location and requires additional protection.

Step Two – Outer packaging
To protect prints being shipped either locally or internationally, further protection must be added in the form of ‘outer packaging’, either a tri-wall case, or a plywood crate depending on what is required.

We have prepared an exceptional overview of all the solutions available. Visit our Professional art packaging services page.