Every year we donate to a small collection of local charities that do not enjoy the large national or international support available to the well-known, established charities.
This year it has given us great joy to have made donations to 3 organisations who work tirelessly to support those less fortunate than most. Donations have not just been monetary; in some cases, it has also included donated foodstuff and gift items from one of our food gift clients and new, unwanted retail furniture from another.

The three charities are:
Kimel Cafe
They provide supported employment for the neurodivergent community, and a steppingstone training experience to give young people an opportunity to transition into mainstream employment.
“We would like to thank @flightlg1 for their incredible generosity towards our project, The team at Flight Logistics have been so supportive since day one, Thank you so much from the Kimel Team.”
The Besom
They focus on ensuring that those who have something to give (such as time, things, money, and skills) can effectively contribute it to the community where it is most needed.
“Thank you so much. This is an amazingly timely and generous gift. It will make all the difference.”
AidBox Community
They offer amazing support, supplies and sanctuary to refugees and people seeking asylum.
“Thank you for your support.”