Last week 5 tonnes of unusable wooden pallets, packing cases and art crates went off to Chiltern Wood Recycling. The great thing about working with Chiltern is that every collection is certified, and an audit trail provided of what has been done with our collection. In this instance the grade of wood was suitable for creating woodchip boards – to be used in construction.
Chiltern can repurpose all grades of wood waste which has a positive impact on the rate of deforestation, locking the carbon in, and reducing the need for new UK and imported timber. Higher grade wood can be repurposed for construction, DIY, garden projects, and new furniture. What’s more they run a volunteering scheme which helps to upskill and train people for employment.
It’s great to find local likeminded companies aiming to reduce carbon use where all the benefits can be felt locally, as well as contributing to a much larger global goal.