Research conducted by Black-Friday.Global showed that UK sales increased by 1708% on Black Friday 2018 compared to an ordinary day. Forward wind to 2019… Amazon has announced that for this year, Black Friday UK deals will start 22 November, effectively stretching Black Friday into a weeklong process. Then there’s Cyber Monday on the 02 December…

Are you ready for the Black Friday surge in activity?

Logistics companies will be busy managing their clients’ uplift in order processing, pick and pack, and distribution and shipping transit times may be affected due to the sheer volume of consignments being processed through the various delivery networks.

It is possible to mitigate potential disruption to your sales and customer experience by following these tips –

Here are a few pointers to help you:

  • Notification on your website – Manage your clients’ expectations online by preparing them for potential disruptions in delivery times over this period.
  • Make sure that your logistics supplier is reliably set up to receive and process an exceptional increase in online orders from your website, reseller platform (such as Amazon) or retail platform (Shopify/Magento etc.).


  • Support your logistics partner by making sure that:
    • they are fully stocked and have adequate personalised (if appropriate) packaging and packing, to see them through the busy time.
    • processes specific to your orders are firmly understood. (This can include packing processes for orders with multiple items).
    • they understand how things are to be sent (post, courier etc). Bearing in mind the amount of mail and consignments going through delivery networks it might be advisable to use a courier service with full tracking over a postal service if items are valuable or time critical. Your supplier should work with you to agree on the best solutions over the period.
  • It’s possible that with extra sales comes an increase in returns too. Make sure that there is a watertight returns process in place.

Following the above guidelines will not only ensure that you are giving yourself the best opportunity to fulfil and deliver all orders received, but will also save you money and provide a reliable service for your customers.

We at Flight Logistics Group Ltd work proactively with our clients to advise and prepare them for all eventualities. If you want to discuss your bespoke needs, please contact us HERE