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Flight Logistics Group Ltd

Logistics and Warehousing

Versatile Supply Chain Management...

Secure Pallet Storage

  • Fully racked warehouse facility providing over 16,000 sq ft of pallet storage.
  • Full reporting and auditing of all stock on arrival.
  • Red Care security system with direct links to local First Response police.
  • Digital CCTV.
  • Secure area for high value stock items.
  • Fully bespoke storage – any size, any weight and any budget are equally catered for.

Computerised Stock Management System

  • Web-based, secure Inventory Management System available to all clients.
  • Real time stock levels for your entire inventory.
  • Full online reporting available to manage all your stock movements & history.
  • Minimum stock level alerts.

Pick & Pack

  • All orders picked from client orders received via email, web, Amazon, Kewill, and other online shopping order interfaces.
  • Barcode scanning order processing.
  • Stock levels automatically adjusted on Inventory Management System.
  • Full range of packaging materials & cartons supplied.
  • Container and trailer loading and unloading facilities.