Flight Logistics – ShipArtTM ‘s Buying and Selling Art – Understanding today’s marketplace (#sellbuyart) series features guest blogs written by artists, exhibition organisers, collectors, online sellers and gallerists who have written about their experiences. Their articles have been insightful and extremely helpful for other artists and businesses involved in promoting and selling art in today’s marketplace. But it’s the personal journey’s that are so interesting and we hope you’ll find that the stories that feature in this collection are not only inspiring, but that they also offer some kind of support in your own endeavors in some way.

Here are some thought-provoking snippets lifted from articles so far in the series FOUND HERE:

  • “I have a yearning to be constantly surrounded by nature. I grew up in a small town spending every summer outdoors from dawn ‘til dusk. When indoors I was always drawing and making things, and this need to be creative since I was old enough to hold a pencil has never left me.”
    Artist, Leanne Hughes – Buying and Selling Art – 11
  • “Never, ever, give up, although at times it may be tempting.”
    Artist, Susie Hall – Buying and Selling Art – 10
  • “Price your artwork right and be consistent: Building a reputation based upon fair prices is essential if you want to have recurring clients and sales. In order to do so, initially research similar artists in terms of experience, medium and style to get a good idea on pricing.”
    Curator / exhibition organiser – Matthew Noble – Buying and Selling Art – 3
  • “I have a website, and represent myself through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A major commission to happen in 2019 has come about from my Facebook presence.”
    Artist, Sue Ransley – Buying and Selling Art – 6
  • “Art fairs are rather like the internet, wonderfully open, and present a marvellous opportunity for anyone – whatever their knowledge level of art – to view a huge variety of galleries and artists from around the world. In fact they actively encourage new buyers.”
    Artist, Natasha Kumar – Buying and Selling Art – 1
  • “Remember, art sales is still a business; you can’t sell the best art if it isn’t out there. Put on your sales hat!”
    Gallerist/Artist, Linda Dimitroff – Buying and Selling Art – 8
  • “Online platforms can help to market and present the artist to a wider audience, beyond their immediate followers, catching the eye of buyers who might previously not have heard of them.”
    Co Founder & CEO, project Art – The Social Arts, Johannes Fröhlich – Buying and Selling Art – 4
  • “So overall, what wins in terms of the best venue to sell work? I would say the winner is fairs and exhibits where the artist is present and can connect to the buyer or collector personally.”
    Artist, Katherine Filice – Buying and Selling Art – 5
  • “One of the joys of being an artist is the gradual shaping of your medium or style, so it’s wise to be alert to what’s going on around you and understand how it makes you feel.”
    Artist, Edwin Barrington Lue-Shing – Buying and Selling Art – 7
  • “Currently I sell my art online through my website and a third-party online store as it is simply the cheapest way for me to do so.”
    Artist, Darren Hall – Buying and Selling Art – 9
  • “Through my work, I get the opportunity to attend plenty of shows, galleries, opening nights, art fairs and be an active part of the art community. Each of these types of events gives me the opportunity (in their own unique way) to gain perspective on the artist, their background and what drives their creativity. It’s these additional elements of the process which enhances my understanding and appreciation of a piece of art before I consider it as an addition to my collection.”
    Buyer/Collector, Tracey Brown – Buying and Selling Art – 2