We’re at it again. Flight Logistics-ShipArtTM is sponsoring another great cause, this time it’s artist Thierry Noir’s “Art Academy” event in support of The Kids Network charity.
Flight offered to collect all Thierry’s artwork from his studio in Berlin and ship it to the event in London and then afterwards, to return anything unsold back again for no charge. Currently we’re storing the artwork in our secure warehouse near Heathrow until the time is right to deliver it to the event.

Images: From The Kids Network website, Thierry Noir, and examples of Thierry’s work
About Thierry Noir’s Art Academy event
The event will take place in Shoreditch across the weekend of the 22 August. Thierry’s artwork (collected from Berlin) will be on show and for sale with the proceeds of sold items going to help fund The Kids Network.
Over the weekend the children involved in The Kids Network will get a chance to help Thierry paint murals around the Shoreditch area. A rare opportunity to work alongside a well-known artist.
Flight especially like this aspect as we’re all for art in public places for all to enjoy (see article on our fleet of ArtOnWheels vehicles).
More information on the event will become available soon.
About Thierry Noir – The first person to paint on the Berlin Wall
Thierry Noir was born in Lyon, France, and moved to Berlin in January 1982. In April 1984, Noir began to paint the Berlin Wall and is credited as being the first artist to do so.  Noir’s objective was to perform one real revolutionary act: To paint the Berlin wall, to transform it, to make it ridiculous, and to help destroy it prompting its ultimate fall in 1989.
His brightly coloured paintings, which often feature cartoon-like profiles, are now considered iconic and can still be seen on the East Side Gallery. He currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Images: Thierry’s art on the Berlin wall and a painting donated to Flight as a thank you.
About The Kid’s Network
The Kid’s Network is a charity that supports children at a crucial time in their development by providing them with a volunteer mentor. It helps children to build confidence, resilience and curiosity for ambitious futures through a series of positive experiences and activities.
Their Vision: To see better connected communities where all young people can thrive.
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