Challenging delivery requests such as getting a selection of fragile baboons safely to the other side of the world, requires an experienced art handling company with highly skilled and trained staff, bespoke fragile services, a global network of local and dependable partners, and professional art packing services capable of packing the many shapes and sizes created by artists.

So when we were approached with a collection of Kendra Haster’s “Chacma Baboons”, this is how our team round at Atlas packed them…

Flight Logistics-ShipArt’s Professional Packing for Shipping Art
The safest ways to protect your valuable and fragile artwork in transit is to either follow the methods outlined in our self-packing guide or involve Flight Logistics – ShipArt™. It’s not as expensive as you might think and you can be sure that it will comply with international shipping packing regulations.


Art packing service
We will arrange to have your artwork collected and packed for you, alternatively we can have a case built to your specifications and sent directly to you. Packing cases for art are created to accommodate two and three-dimensional pieces of work using a variety of materials using such as tri-wall, ply or foam lined ply depending on the size and nature of the work you are sending.

For more information and useful facts including what information to provide a packer CLICK HERE