We recently announced that artist Ken Nwadiogbu will be providing artwork for #ShipArt #ArtOnWheels vehicle No.18. What’s his background and what can we expect from him?

Born in Lagos, Nigeria in the early half of the 90’s, Ken Nwadiogbu or ‘KenArt’ as he is also known, is a visual artist who draws inspiration from issues relating to him (and those around him), the everyday struggles of people, African culture, gender equality and black power. He hopes that through his art he can make positive changes in his community.

Ken was recently named by Guardian Life as one of the most “Outstanding Personalities of 2019” and is credited for introducing the “Contemporealism” movement. In recognition of his contributions to the Nigerian arts community he was awarded the 2019 Future Award Prize for Visual and Applied Arts.

What can we expect from Ken Nwadiogbu?
He works with a mix of mediums including innovative conceptual drawings on various surfaces, photography, sculpture, installation and performance art.

About his work Ken says “My love for drawing faces of everyday people through ripped paper was born from a need to identify Africans in major global contexts. These juxtaposed pieces became my way of exploring, evaluating, interrogating, and challenging socio-political structures and issues within the society…

It is very possible that the art we will see on vehicle No.18 will be colourful, energetic and portray movement, which would be in keeping with Ken’s interest in how the African diaspora has developed globally.

When will the vehicle be ready for duty (collecting and delivering artwork)?
On the same day that Ken’s new solo show with The Bomb Factory opens, we will be unveiling the new vehicle. July 8th 2021 is the date for the diary!

About the ShipArt™ – #flightlgart/#ArtOnWheels Fleet
In essence the Art on Wheels project is our very own Public Art Program.

Full information including the background and introductions to each vehicle and its artist can be found on this dedicated ShipArt™ #flightlgart Vehicle Wrap Public Art Program page.