The vision is a good one, to keep the spirit of the old gaol alive for its community by turning the historic site which is currently on the property market, into a cultural oasis incorporating a new heritage centre celebrating its history and archaeology; space for theatre, dance, music, cinema and outdoor exhibitions; a high quality and flexible public realm; a creative innovation hub hosting affordable workspaces, events, workshops and exhibitions led by resident cultural organisations; and a rooftop café. The proposed development would be underpinned by a new residential quarter offering energy efficient homes, including new affordable homes.

Sounds amazing. The community want it, the Reading Borough Council want it, some Hollywood stars want it, but it would seem that the Ministry of Justice are still to be convinced despite a £2.6m bid by the council. According to the MoJ they are holding out for the best price to reinvest back into the justice system.

We are pleased that Reading Borough Council are not prepared to give up and Flight have been in contact to offer their support.

We now wait to see what the next plan is …We’ll be sure to let you know!