It’s an old question, but we’re keen to understand current opinion on the subject. Should galleries and artists display the price of a piece of work both in the gallery and online?
To price or not to price artwork?

Jeff Koon’s “Balloon Dog”
Have you ever browsed art online or walked into a gallery or art space, and found a piece of art that you are interested in only to see it’s either unpriced or has a label saying “POA”?
Does having to ask a gallerist or artist the price – especially in person but also online – put you off the purchase?
Maybe Grayson Perry got it absolutely right with his ironic piece “I promise nothing”…emblazoned with its purchase price of £37,000 and conveniently converted to yen!

Grayson Perry ‘s “I Promise Nothing”
We recently attended a Grayson Perry lecture, and the speaker (a buyer for the Tate) had a great anecdote on the subject. He said:
“We had a budget of £40,000 (some years ago) to make some purchases on behalf of the Tate. We walked in to one of the galleries situated on Cork Street, and saw a piece we liked and asked what the price of it was. The reply was “Why do you want to know?”… We immediately told them we had £40,000 to spend but we wouldn’t be buying anything from them, and walked out.”
Do You think it’s a good idea or a bad idea to publish the price? Let us know your thoughts… We aim to prepare an article on current thought, so we warmly invite artists, galleries, buyers and collectors to drop us a quick line using our CONTACT FORM below
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