We’re very excited to announce that the 9th addition to our Flight Logistics #ShipArt #ArtOnWheels series is underway and set to become a reality today (5th of April 2019). A brand new vehicle is in the Joyce Design studios being wrapped by them in artwork donated by talented artist Natasha Kumar.

Watch out for progress posts of the wrapping across our social media today.

Natasha Kumar – Artist


About Natasha Kumar’s new ‘Great India’ collections

…Love of colour and street life lie behind her recent decision to create a triptych of lorry portraits. Not an obvious choice of subject matter at first, you might think. But in India every flat surface is a potential canvas, she says. If it stays still long enough to be painted on, it will be, with a mesmerising mix of folk art and cultural messaging. Lorries are the plus-size epitome of that, a visual cacophony in technicolour trundling across the subcontinent.

Almost invariably, the tailgate is painted with the imperious advice Blow Horn, offered as a warning and an encouragement to overtaking drivers. The alternative, no less ubiquitous shout-out from the rear of the lorry is Great India set among a cloud of patriotic curlicues. This Natasha has adopted as the title of her latest collection, appropriately enough, a striking montage of the characters and images that populate her creative imagination, a retrospective of the street life observed by her over the last decade. It is in a way the ultimate expression of her artistic identity to date. Not only has this taken a traditional paper art form but it is also the wrapped exterior design of a new van owned by the specialist art handlers, Flight Logistics.

Instagrammers will see #Getcarriedawaybyart and #followthatvan from May as this will be an unmissable presence in and around London.

Natasha Kumar artwork


View the new GREAT INDIA collections at the Affordable At Fair, Hampstead Heath 8-12 May
Natasha kumar will be working on stand J12 throughout the Affordable Art Fair, please email your name and address to info@natashakumar.co.uk to request free tickets.


ShipArt™ – ArtOnWheels Fleet

Through ArtOnWheels, Flight Logistics – ShipArt™ (a major player in the delivery of artwork globally) is actively helping to make art accessible to all. By working with renowned artists like Natasha Kumar, we are able to showcase artwork in social environments by actively bringing it to the street. What could be more accessible (and free!) to the public than a fleet of vehicles sporting the artists imagery whilst on our roads?

Our participating artists love it too. It allows them to reach audiences that don’t traditionally visit galleries or places of art, improving their profile, broadening their audience, whilst overcoming some of the traditional preconceptions of art being “exclusive”.

Current ShipArt™ #ArtOnWheels fleet – artwork donated by named artists / Liveries by Joyce Design


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