Flight Logistics welcomes the introduction of governmental initiatives such as the London Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) which takes effect on the 8th April 2019. We have long understood the negative effects to the environment and our society that road transport can cause through pollution, and we are pleased to say that all our vehicles comply with ULEZ standards.


In case you’re not aware, in a bid to reduce emissions in the capital, TfL are discouraging any vehicles below the minimum emission standards (EUR 6 for diesel and EUR 4 for petrol) from entering the city centre. For vehicles below the set standards a new daily £12.50 fee for entry will be charged. According to Transport for London (TfL), 50% of the nitrogen oxides emitted in the city come from the transport sector.
Of course, the ULEZ charge will be in addition to the London Congestion Charge which is £11.50 currently which will bring the total payment up to £24.00 a day for some drivers.
To see if your vehicle is compliant, use the TfL ULEZ vehicle checker
To pay an Ultra Low Emission Zone charge go to the TfL website. 


If your item/s are on one of Flight Logistics’ vehicles, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the environment.