Flight Logistics has been approached by Bradfield College, Berkshire for assistance in establishing a library for disadvantaged children at an after-school youth community centre in Huruma district, Nairobi, Kenya. Initially our involvement was merely to help with the collection and delivery of educational books, but typically Flight are taking it one step further to help them achieve their objective.



To help Bradfield College accumulate their target of 400 donated educational books, we are using our social channels to appeal to Publishing organisations to donate any books (new or used) of an educational nature for the below cause, and we’ll arrange collection.

The EDCLUB movement

EDCLUB Movement gives disadvantaged kids from a range of countries (Kenya, UK, India, Netherlands, Malawi) the chance to build a better future through self-education and encouragement by giving them access to computers and encouraging them to learn using the Internet.

Bradfield College supports the movement by mentoring kids in Huruma district (Kenya) via Skype. Each week, over 20 pupils Skype primary school aged children in Nairobi Kenya to help them with reading, learning, maths and various other educational skills.


The Library
In addition to this, a small group of Bradfield pupils have now set up a project to resource and build a library at their Kenya partner school as an extra learning resource.

They need educational books – Let’s help them achieve this!