The variety of art styles, art mediums and artists being handled by ShipArt @flightlg in 2016 is truly astonishing!

Our art client base has evolved from pure Street and Urban art roots 10 years ago to now include some of the most iconic and (in)famous artists, galleries, curators, auction houses and private collectors across the globe.

In celebration of our corporate 25th anniversary year we are working with and sponsoring a unique cross section of the global art community in our drive to support artists, encourage creativity and make a small contribution to the movement to make art in its infinite forms accessible to all.

We are fortunate to see and handle great pieces of art on a daily basis and everyone @flightlg has favourite artists, works and strong opinions! The pieces we handle provoke much stimulating discussion – not your everyday vehicle / warehouse / office and coffee machine conversations!

As 2016 is a special year for us we particularly want to celebrate and mark the occasion with an artistic venture of our own following the principle of art for all in any environment.


In collaboration with one of our very favourite artists we have started on a journey – watch this space!