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Perfect Planning Prevents ….

July 3rd, 2020

…Pathetic Performance ! Our collaborative approach to partnering with clients means that campaign calamity can be avoided and this is particularly pertinent currently as the world operates under the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 and national and international delivery services are at full stretch due to volume of shipments being generated through networks from on-line shopping activity.

Longer transit times are a fact of the “new normal” with safe distancing in the work place and “no contact” deliveries reducing handling.

Our client – Bloc Eyewear – came to us with a proposed online promotion for products managed in our warehouse. We were able to advise on additional environmentally friendly packaging supply, realistic delivery options and turnaround times from order to dispatch. This enabled Bloc Eyewear to set the parameters for the campaign accurately, calibrate their buyer expectations and maintain their reputation through collaboration with a credible and experienced partner…