We are moving into our 10th year of membership of the UKWA. The UKWA sets standards for warehouse and workflow management as well as defining liabilities and responsibilities between Company and Client.

UKWA are a great consolidated voice for our industry – anything that we benefit from, our clients benefit from… how? Here are six benefits:

Quality Assurance:
UKWA membership signifies that our warehousing facility adheres to the association’s standards and guidelines.

This assures our clients that their goods will be stored and handled with care and in compliance with industry best practices.

Expertise and Knowledge:
UKWA membership connects our business to a network of industry professionals, fostering knowledge sharing and access to the latest trends and advancements in warehousing and logistics.

This expertise can be leveraged to provide valuable insights and guidance to our clients, helping them optimise their supply chain operations.

Enhanced Security and Compliance:
UKWA membership often requires compliance with strict security protocols and regulations.

This can provide added reassurance to our clients, knowing that their goods are stored in a secure environment and that our facility follows stringent security measures to prevent theft, damage, or unauthorised access.

Industry Recognition:
Being a member of a reputable industry association like UKWA enhances our business’s credibility and reputation.

This recognition can instil confidence in our clients, assuring them that they are partnering with a trusted and reliable warehousing provider.

Access to Resources:
UKWA offers a range of resources, such as publications, research, and industry reports, which can be shared with our clients.

These resources help us stay informed about market trends, regulatory changes, and operational best practices, providing us with the knowledge that can help clients make decisions on their chain strategies.

Industry Advocacy:
UKWA advocates for the interests of its members and the warehousing sector.

By being a member, we can contribute to shaping industry policies, regulations, and standards, ensuring that our clients’ concerns and needs are represented and addressed.

Overall, UKWA membership can offer our ecommerce clients peace of mind, access to industry expertise, enhanced credibility, and networking opportunities, ultimately helping them streamline their supply chain operations and achieve greater efficiency.