“Wow!!! What fantastic service from Flight Logistics. Ian is a brilliant driver, always bright and cheerful and helpful. Brilliant! That goes for yourself, Mike and Bruce too (CRM)!” – Feedback from Lyndsey at Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd

Providing outstanding customer service is a key element to our success and is an ongoing commitment. By prioritising the needs and concerns of our customers, and implementing solutions to professionally deliver on our responsibilities, we have built strong relationships and customer loyalty.

Why do we have such a first-class Customer Services (CRM) team? Here’s why: 

Effective Communication:  
We ensure that our CRM team communicates clearly and effectively with customers. This includes promptly answering phone calls, emails, and online enquiries ourselves – no “chat bots” here!

Knowledgeable Staff:  
We train our CRM team to have a comprehensive understanding of all our logistics services, processes, and policies. This knowledge enables them to provide accurate and helpful information to customers and minimise shipping or customs delays.

Timely Updates:  
We keep our customers informed about the status of their shipments at various stages, including pickup, transit, and delivery. Our shipping software provides customers with tracking updates and we proactively update customers about any delays or changes to delivery schedules in person.

Problem Solving:  
We swiftly address any problems, investigate their causes, and take appropriate actions to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

Solution Driven:
Critical thinking outside the box means we offer flexible and bespoke solutions – the ability to meet a distribution challenge is a key requirement of all our staff.

Professional and Courteous   
Our CRM team maintains a professional and courteous attitude at all times. Politeness, patience, and empathy go a long way in creating a positive customer experience, even when dealing with challenging situations.

To contact our CRM team, please email on CRM@flightlg.com