National Clean Air Day serves as a reminder to us all the urgent need to address air pollution and its detrimental effects on public health, climate change, and the environment. By promoting individual and collective actions to improve air quality, it aims to create a cleaner and healthier living environment for everything and everyone.

Flight Logistics have taken many steps to reduce air pollution through activities such as those outlined below and spreading awareness about the causes and effects of air pollution through our many social media posts.

Cloud Storage and the closure of server rooms
We have completed a huge reduction in our corporate carbon footprint by moving to cloud storage for all our IT and network provision. We have now closed our 2 server rooms (one at each site, Wokingham and Heathrow) and in addition have removed the aircon systems. In total we have saved a whopping 14,120.92 of CO2e per year by closing both our Heathrow and Wokingham server rooms…

The addition of Ford eTransits to our fleet is a really positive move towards cleaner air. In May alone the sustainability metrics show that we saved 858kg of CO2 by not using fuel, which for the month would have been as much as 75 gallons.

Planting trees
Our partnership with Forests Without Frontiers continues, and through our ongoing donations 100 trees are planted on our behalf every month. Further information see our eco-friendly solution to offset fleet’s carbon emissions

We have many more activities and solutions in place to support a more sustainable future, these are outlined on our

Environmental Social Governance webpage.