This week’s #FeatureFriday is about British artist Jameson Robinson who is somewhat of a cult figure within the contemporary art world. Reading the many compliments written about Jameson online, they tend to explain the basis of both his and his art’s, popularity; “Fun pieces and a great guy to deal with” – “He is a true gentleman, his art is exceptional and fun” – “He’s very generous with his work, doing loads of giveaways on Instagram”.
Jameson’s first show was ‘Brick By Brick’ in 2015 and it featured what was then his signature art form, uniquely hand painted bricks, London bricks to be more precise. The show presented 52 of them. As is typical of the artist he donated the profits from the sales to CLIC Sargent, a children’s cancer charity.
Success grew and during his travels thereafter he left bricks to be found in international locations such as America, Japan, Bethlehem and the Falkland Islands, the latter of which played a major part in a new theme for Jameson’s art and one which he is arguably now best known for.
Jameson still produces art on bricks, however during his visit to the Falkland Islands in 2018, an interest in penguins was ignited and has since grown. They started appearing on his bricks in the form of the iconic Penguin Books logo and they proved very popular with buyers.

Images sourced from Jameson Robinson website and Instagram
During the Covid pandemic when bricks became less easy to come by, Jameson turned to other materials on which to create his Penguin art on and at this point he also started to do giveaways.
Today Jameson is a successful artist, and his penguins are legendry as are his weekly ‘#freeartfriday giveaways’ on Instagram. Jameson has said that he hopes that his work makes people smile, it certainly does!

Where can Jameson Robinson’s work be seen?
Upcoming show ‘URBAN ANIMALS’ 10/07/22 to -1/08/22 Via Della Riginella 1A, Rome
Instagram: @jameson_robinson
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