We are extremely happy to reveal on this auspicious day, that the thoroughly deserving Kayley Edwards has been chosen to be our next ShipArt™ vehicle wrap artist.

Kayley is perhaps not as well known yet as some of the other artists, but her talent and courage have earned her a place in our hearts and on our next brand-new art transporter. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2011, she received the worst kind of news in Nov 2018 … The cancer had returned … this time it was Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer which had spread to her bones and skull. Kayley is now challenging her diagnosis with her “Face off to Cancer” artworks – channelling her limited energy and emotion into her art, and sells some of her canvases to raise money for Cancer Research.

Kayley will be joining previous artists such as Dan Kitchener, SNIK, D*Face, Richard Orlinski, and Seaty, to name a very few, who have supplied work for what has become a growing vehicle wrap public art program which boasts 18 vehicles in total so far.

About Kayley Edwards and what we can expect
We have already produced an article introducing Kayley. Showing that art’s value is more than just its price tag … Meet the amazing Kayley Edwards offers an overview about the artist, her work.

About the ShipArt™ – #flightlgart/#ArtOnWheels Fleet
Full information including the background and introductions to each vehicle and its artist can be found on this dedicated page – ShipArt™ #flightlgart Vehicle Wrap Public Art Program page.