We are pleased to announce that we have started a transparent and effective offset scheme through “Forests Without Frontiers” to help match the carbon emissions produced by our fleet of vehicles.
At the end of March 2022, we will enable the planting of 100 trees. We will be doing this monthly.
This is some 30 more trees than our off-set figure was calculated at as highlighted below …
How was this calculated?
We provided “Forests Without Frontiers” a monthly mileage and fuel consumption report for our entire fleet – this included all collections and deliveries made by our vehicles. We also provided a total number of shipments we process for each calendar month – so the mileage could be divided by the number of shipments to give an estimated miles per shipment calculation.
They calculated that we produced 0.96kg CO2 per shipment, which was rounded up to 1kg. This was then multiplied by the 17,300 shipments we make per month, totalling 17,300kg of CO2 per month.
Based on the recommendation of planting 4 trees per tonne, this came out as just under 70 trees per month, which we then added an additional 30, to make 100.
Why Forests Without Frontiers?
It’s now well documented that our organization has a robust environmental policy committed to a net zero emissions target by 2030. Overall, this means modifying aspects of supplies, utilities, building and our fleet to more eco-friendly alternatives.
In some cases (like this example) where it is currently not possible to change, we look to solutions that can instead offset the amount of carbon produced. “Forests Without Frontiers” provides this and meets our corporate environmental needs and importantly it also meets our mutual environment’s needs – our earth needs this project to rewild, regenerate, protect, conserve, and create areas of biodiversity.
Find out more by visiting the Forests Without Frontiers website
Potential for clients
We will be talking to clients in the coming weeks before the project launches about the exciting opportunities this CIC offers us all through a chain of mutual support. In the same way that we are an extension of our client’s supply chain management we can also be an extension of their environmental credentials. More on this will follow.