Artist Kayley Edwards came to our attention through Facebook. Her story, her strength, her artwork, and the importance of art in helping her cope with adversity so inspired us, that we wanted to tell her story and show her work to our community. Why on Valentine’s Day? Because of her beautiful hearts as seen below, and after all, it’s a time to show that someone cares …

Kayley’s story:
“My art journey began back in December 2020. I was inspired by an amazing artist, and I thought wow I’m going to have a go to keep my mind off thinking about my cancer.

I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer back in 2011 and since then my life went downhill with all different kinds of health issues. I used to keep fit as much as I could by running and spinning, I loved it. Unfortunately, Nov 2018 brought the worst kind of news … The cancer had returned … Stage 4 incurable breast cancer which had spread to my bones and skull.”

In September of 2020, unfortunately me and my husband split up.

“Art helps me to put it all to one side for a bit. I sit in my spare room, pick up a brush, and start by choosing beautiful colours, and then I just go for it. It helps me offload my “craziness” even if it’s just 20 minutes … it’s a god-send.

I really put my all into it, and all my crazy vibes control what I produce. The result makes me both smile and cry (happy tears). I’m no artist but I’m just loving how it makes me feel, and it keeps my wellbeing at a good balance.

Life can be really hard for everyone no matter what they are struggling with; after all we are all only human. I miss my running days but in its place I have found a new passion, art! Living with cancer is hard, but I feel I have had a second chance in life … and I’m so very lucky.

Art is the way forward …”

We think we can all agree that Kayley is an artist, despite what she says about herself. You can follow her and see more of her work on Instagram @doubletroublecancer, and Facebook K HoBbY💗