We fully applaud recycling or upcycling of items and have in the past posted images of ShipArtTM plywood packaging crates being given a new lease of life. These have included: tables, picture frames, a ticket & welcome desk (for an event), a bookcase, a plinth for a piece of art, and even a box to put beers on ice.

Now we have upcycled these flight cases (once used to store audio equipment) which up until recently have been in permanent storage at out Heathrow warehouse.

Having given them a good clean, we then lined the insides with thick foam thus creating an additional solution to safely transport artwork and fragile items that either need that extra care or are heavy to carry. We can now place your shipment inside the case on collection, wheel it on board one of our ShipArtTM art transporting vans, secure it during transit, and then wheel it off at the other end, whether into our storage facility, or directly to our professional packers.

If you would like more information about our art packaging, art storage or art shipping services, please contact art@flightlg.com for more information.