Our client and artist – Samantha Emery – has already twice rescheduled her IKONA show through 18 months of lockdowns and restrictions on public gatherings and travel. We are delighted however to now be assisting her to gather, store, and prepare various pieces of artwork from overseas ready for final transportation to the install.

With just four weeks to go before the show opens we asked Samantha about the challenges faced by an artist putting on a show in the “post pandemic” and “post Brexit” landscape:

“Art over the centuries has been paramount in not only documenting the sign of the times but also in uplifting and inspiring in difficult times. As an artist, I feel a responsibility to do my part in some way. Preparing for my second IKONA multimedia portrait exhibition has been a roller coaster ride to my emotional and mental wellbeing. IKONA | Wise Women is a project of Love. My ‘third time lucky’ post pandemic London exhibition quite literally encapsulates wisdom – self-preservation, determination, perseverance, inner strength and community. The team of creatives, the ten wise women and the environmental activism involved in this IKONA portrait series have fuelled these wisdom qualities. Wise Women was predominantly created in my Bodrum, Turkey home studio. I soon fly the collection from Bodrum to London, government hotel quarantine for 11 nights prior to assembling this exciting exhibition at Hoxton Arches from 13-17 October. The numerous new global governmental logistics that need addressing to travel and prepare for exhibiting are overwhelming however the show must go on!”
Samantha Emery.

And clearly the show will go on – opening in four weeks – from October 14th – 17th at the Hoxton Arches – we look forward to visiting.

Exciting times as art shows resume and our ShipArtTM team are here to guide artists through the logistical process. Email art@flightlg.com for any advice or visit our ShipArtTM page.